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I went on an adventure through time and space. Travelling along the path of celestial bodies,
their parabolic and periodic orbits spiralling up and down and into the hallowed reaches of the imagined infinite.
I recorded my travels with charts and maps from within my unconscious, plotting points on the
three dimensional matrix with axis of what was, what is and what will be.

Everything we do echoes into eternity, the effects of our actions rippling and reverberating
down through the continuum, each of us turning our own cog, responding to the (e)motion around us
and in turn transferring our motion onto others.

Time leaves its mark. Small touches over and over lay down the tracks and traces of what has passed
through and around us. We are all impermanent, and time also eventually erases our current being,
all initial physical traces dampened down to infinitesimal amounts. No longer perceptible
on the macroscopic level, these traces are latent but lurking, ever ready for the chance
to symbiotically collude with or be the catalyst for future events.

The impossible, when stretched over the infinite, becomes inevitable.

All things must come to pass.

See the book.