Paradise Lost


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Imagine paradise as an understanding, a complete
realisation of our self not as individuals but as all space and
time contained in one single ocean of consciousness.

Like the bodies caught up in their binding ropes and the
gemstones held in place by their settings and made up of atoms
caught up in a rigourously defined structural lattice, we are
caught up and held in place by our perceptions and beliefs, our
rigidly held construct of reality, obscuring us from full awareness.

At times we are momentarily freed from these constraints, an intuitive
understanding takes us up in its embrace. In these moments we become
one with everything, when time stops and we become the sun on our skin,
the breath in our lungs, no longer the leaf blowing in the wind
but the leaf and the wind, dancing together.

When conscious perception returns the moment is gone, and we are
left with a lingering memory - a feeling of paradise lost.